Another (rainy) day, another (warming) lunch

Chili con carne

What’s going on with the weather in Belgium? Is it November or what?

On a cold, rainy, windy, shitty day like today, I can only dream of an instant warm-up lunch: our famous chili con carne. Hot, spicy, flavorful, delicious, incredible; it’s the ONE dish  you wanna eat on a day like this. With wild rice and a small salad…because you’ve gotta eat your greens, hehe!  I’ll come back with the recipe, you definitely need to try it.

What did I tell you? Moussaka makes for a great lunch

Moussaka lunch box

After this lunch, my man told me my moussaka is glorious and it’s the best one he ate in his entire life. I thought it was one of the nicest things he ‘s ever told me and I blushed. Funny how after these maaaany years together I still blush and giggle (inside my head, of course, I don’t giggle in real life). For me, it has officially became the most romantic dish 🙂

How I achieved this expression of love? One portion moussaka, lots of real sour-cream (from the Polish shop), topped with fresh chives. One piece of Romanian maturated cheese and a colorful salad. As easy as that!

Transform your leftovers

DSC03551Leftovers are probably the best thing that can happen to us. While most people are scared of leftovers, I always plan for some when cooking. And, most of the times, I like to give them a new life.

The leftover part of these lunch-boxes are the bits of chicken and the baked potato. It took me about 10 minutes to transform the chicken and it was totally worth it. I chopped and fried a box of brown champignons in a little bit of butter, just added some garlic, thyme, salt & pepper. I dumped in the chicken pieces and 2 full spoons of sour cream (like all Eastern Europeans, I know sour cream is amazing in almost any dish). And that was it, some chopped parsley to top! Next to it a half baked potato with a lump of blue cheese and green salad with cherry tomatoes, pepper, feta cheese and green onions. Don’t be afraid of the green onion at the office, the parsley takes away the oniony breath. Yep, that’s the trick of today.

The hot (office) lunch


This is truly the essence of a “left-over lunch”. Quickly assembled in morning, as follows: pork snitzel, baked potatoes with home-made basil pesto, feta cheese and a small salad. Energy giving, heart-warming and fully satisfying!