Liver delight


I have decided to start the “Organs series” with something that even the most squeamish of you have probably eaten and enjoyed, one way or another. Baby steps, baby steps… So let’s talk about LIVER. Growing up, liver was a seldom treat, because when you hack an animal, there’s only one liver to grab…luckily, I am an only child and the liver came to me, most of the times. Later on, my mom stared making liver paté and that was one of my favorite things as a kid. Now, my mom is not a great cook, but liver paté…she nailed it every single time! Will ask her the secret recipe and promise to share with you.

What do you need to know before attacking this luscious, slippery thing? Liver needs to be fresh (well, like most things, but even more so) and you have to soak it in milk, ideally over night. The most common livers (!?!) are veal, beef, pork and chicken, but not all livers (OK, have decided this is an acceptable plural) are created equal. Read More