Body image, health trends and weight loss. And women laughing at salads, ofc.


Let’s be honest here! Food trends come and go, but there’s one component that was always part of the game: looking good…which, in our western culture, translates into being slim. Or skinny. There was a subtle shift a couple of years ago, when all women magazines (yes, that’s my hidden pleasure, put it to rest now!) have started moving from advice on losing weight and being slim to being “in shape” and “glowy” and, finally, to being “healthy”. And it’s not just women, men face the same issues. They are more and more interested in the way they look (some have even started plucking their eyebrows…WHY? OH WHY???)(Sorry, couldn’t help it!). We’re all in the same fucked-up boat!

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On nutrition

Screenshot at 2016-03-06 21:53:56Image from South Park Studio

Human nutrition is such a complex topic and I’m not even gonna pretend to be a big expert. Yes, I have taken several nutrition classes, I’m devouring any book on this matter, I research articles about this vast topic (scientific articles, guys, not the buzz-feed type) and the more I learn, the more I’m hungry for more. I am deeply passionate about food, the way people eat and the improvements we can make in this area. Because I’m food-obsessed, I always combine the more scientific view on nutrition with good, well-grounded cooking tips because food should be about pleasure and joy!

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