The Secret


After many years of packing and enjoying my own lunches, I’ve learned a thing or two about the art of the perfect lunch box. The secret? Simply enough: killing two birds with one stone…which translates into cooking two meals in one go! Because time is never enough (am I the only one out there with this problem?!?).

What did I put in here? Leftover burgers from the eve before, 2 baked potatoes that I threw in the oven while making a stew (more on that soon)- added some goat cheese and few chunks of blue cheese on top. These will melt in the office microwave and become the BEST topping for the above potatoes. Next to all this, an avocado salsa, which literally took me 3 minutes to assemble in the morning.

Not the most summery meal, I’ll give you that, but when you live in Belgium, you don’t really get many summery meals…