On food & men, ep. 1: The Freak-out

Here’s a commonly accepted assumption: Food brings people closer. And here’s another one: the way to a man’s heart passes through his stomach.
Well, my friends, I have just the right story to prove these teed-bits of secular wisdom wrong.

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Food & the single girl

I have taken a long, long break from writing and it was not a good one. It was a year of breaks, each of them harder and less glamorous than the other: break-up, breakdown, heartbreak. I left behind a life I built the hard way and everything I thought I wanted, but didn’t. I had my heart broken in ways I didn’t suspect a heart can even be broken. I went to hell and back, several times.

Today I find myself alone and single and happy, with an entire universe to delve into. A lot has changed, and the way I interact with food has changed, too. Initially, I thought I’d be cooking up a storm and finally eating only the stuff I wanted (chickpeas, lentils and a ton of cheese). Yet, once alone, I found myself incapable of cooking. After a few weeks hiatus – during which I have no idea what I ate- I started coming back to my senses and back to the stove. I’m learning to shop for one and cook for one. What is the right balance between effort, time investment, pleasure of cooking and pleasure of eating? How many tomatoes do I buy, so I don’t go shopping every day and still, they don’t go bad on the kitchen counter? How long can one keep a bottle of champagne open (not that I have this problem often)? How to plan my meals, when I don’t know if I’m gonna eat out or not? This is a life experiment to be documented.

There’s another experiment that requires my attention, and I am ready to dive into thorough research. How do our food choices influence our relationships with the opposite sex? Would I sleep with a guy who orders well-done steak (yes, I judge)? What about a vegan guy (I did sleep with a vegetarian, so I guess that’s that). What about a guy who doesn’t know the difference between Thai and Chinese food (I can imagine such monsters exist).
Food has always been a gate to interpreting the world around me, understanding myself, assessing others and my relationship with them. This is what I am planning to explore in the next articles. I have never been shy with and of men, so I promise you it’s gonna be an interesting, funny and sometimes embarrassing ride. Stay tuned!

P.S. When you live alone, a kilo of cherries is, without any doubt, an appropriate dinner. And if it may give you stomach pain and diarrhea, it’s not a big deal. You live alone, after-all…