Pork and plum stew: a childhood memory


Autumn means lots of mouth-watering stews, slowly cooked in the oven and a kitchen that smells divine. Here’s an adaptation from my childhood, a delicious plum and pork stew made by my grandma. My grandma came from a different part of the country, where fruit and meat mixed happily, where sweet and savory embraced each other and where it is very common to add fruit to lots of dishes. And boy, how well she did it! Both my dad and I are fans, my mom and grandpa (as far as I can remember) not so much. Well, their loss, don’t let it be yours, too. Read More

Game on: smoked deer & grapes tartine


Did you really think I stopped eating tartines? Not at all and with the game season in full swing in Belgium, my tartines have become more…interesting. I absolutely love game & wildfowl: having lived in Montana, I should know a thing or two about this. You may have different opinions on the topic, but the truth is in some parts of the world this is simply a surviving method. Not in modern-day Brussels, that’s for sure, but one may as well indulge in the pleasures of life.

How exactly? Pumpkin bio bread smeared with butter, smoked deer and white grapes. A bit of freshly ground pepper and that’s it. Beautiful simplicity!