Quick, quick, while they’re still in season! Creamy mushroom soup


If it’s autumn, it’s mushrooms! As the seasons comes to an end, we can still rummage the markets for the best finds. Chanterelles, cèpes and brown champignons…I call them filler mushrooms. All of them jumped in a subtle and creamy mushroom soup, one of the easiest soups to make. It will take you about 30 minutes and you’ll consider this well invested time. Read More

Foods expats bring back from home


I have been slow on the writing this past week, because I was visiting my family in Romania. You’ll have to excuse me, but in times like this, I’m busier eating food than writing about it. And eating I’ve been doing for the past few days! The usual Romanian feast, also known as “the-kids-are-coming-back-home” usually includes, but is not limited to: Read More

The Omnivore- Learning to eat everything. An essay by Jeffrey Steingarten


This is one of my favorite texts and I have to say I do resonate with Mr. Steingarten’s view. When and why did we become so caught-up in this food vicious circle where nothing is allowed anymore? True, we all have our own food items we just don’t like, but that should be matter of taste and nothing more. Here’s my list, what are the foods you absolutely hate and could’t even bear the thought of eating?

  • Anything with dill- ever since I was a child I have a profound disgust towards dill
  • Watery salad- THE WORST
  • Cold food that’s supposed to be hot- I used to work in a restaurant and that is simply NOT acceptable
  • Very fishy types of fish- still not at the point where I actually enjoy fish (I know, I know…)
  • Traditional Moroccan couscous: cooked cucumber? Just NO. I love Moroccan food, but this I found beyond disgusting
  • Liquorice- enough said
  • Fast food stuff- I cannot, I dislike the taste and I feel horrible few days after I eat it

And, of course, I’m not even counting the process, prepackaged stuff, microwave dishes, etc….I don’t really consider that human-food 🙂

Click below for the essay and enjoy!

Read More

Hello boys! Oven baked stuffed sea bass


I’ll keep this post as short & easy as it was to cook these two bad boys. Go to your fish monger, buy two sea bass and kindly ask him to clean them for you. Bring them home, wash them and pat them dry. Smear them with olive oil, salt & pepper and paprika. Fill them with whatever your heart desires, in my case: a head of garlic, onion slices, lemon slices and few rosemary springs. Put some baking pepper in a tray and place the fish on a bed of onion (♫ l wanna lay you down on a bed of onioooooon ♫)(sorry for the cheesy Bon Jovi reference, couldn’t help it). And in the oven they go for about 40 minutes; I didn’t even turn them on the other side. And that IS it. I actually managed to eat almost a full one. Nope, I’m not friends with fish. For now 🙂

Romanian dumpling chicken soup


With the weather is chilling and turning colder each day, I feel I’m regaining my energy and my joie de vivre. I love cold weather food much more that any fancy summer salad, so I just can’t wait to get home from work and start cooking. Cold weather is a time for soups, slow-cooked stews, root veggies, preserves & pickles, pies and crumbles. Researching new recipes is sometimes the most fun a girl can have (or is it only this girl?), but I confess, I usually fall back on my faithful classics. It was not my idea to share this recipe today, but my man’s. Even though I argued anyone knows how to make chicken soup, he scolded me and said this is something for people to see and try. My dumpling chicken soup is apparently too good not to give it a shot. So please do 🙂 Read More

Meanwhile, in a Brussels kitchen…


I confess: even with all my best efforts to optimize my time, sometimes, there’s just not enough of it. Time, that is! I know we’re all complaining about time, that bastard that has a way of escaping through our fingers. And yet, even when I’m short on time, I refuse to just eat  mediocre food. My “whatever’s in the fridge” needs to be mouth-watering. That’s why I make sure I always have good-quality preserved stuff that’s ready to hop in the pan and become a more-than-delicious meal. This is what you see in this picture, too. A confit de magret de canard (duck breast confit) which comes from a farm in France, via my dear friend, Romain. I feel these products deserve more that just a mention, so I’m planning to do a full article on them. But for now, just scroll down and read about an incredible dinner under 30 minutes on the clock! Read More

Taste of Brussels: the good, the bad and the ugly


I waited for this event with anticipation and I was beyond excited. It promised “urban agriculture” and “food autonomy”- really, really great concepts! They had good marketing, some online traction and buzz words flying around. This should have, maybe, been the first sign, but the mirage was stronger. Here it is, The Taste of Brussels #2 (infuriating name, I realize now, because Brussels doesn’t taste like this at all). Read More