Do you salmon much? No, I have no idea how to cook it!

I have to confess: I was never big on fish and for a long time, the only fish I ate was canned tuna. Then I moved on to sushi (somehow raw fish was better) and smoked salmon. I also started eating fresh salmon, but curled-up in cannelloni with a ton of butter, sour-cream and parmesan. All that is history now and I’m slowly embracing fish. Yet, never having liked fish, I realize I don’t really know how to cook it. Oh, the shame! What I did? Well, I’m never afraid of food or of screwing up a recipe, so I just threw myself in there. Anything for the perfect weeknight dinner, roll up your sleeves, Buttercup!

Just to be clear, this is not a dish that celebrates the salmon itself, but it is building on it, while mixing quite a few flavors. Β It’s sweet, spicy and fresh at the same time. It’s soft, caramelized and crunchy. And it’s so, so easy to make.

What you need

Salmon filet
Soy sauce
Balsamic vinegar
Fresh veggies to top:
green onion

How to make caramelized salmon

The fish doesn’t take long to cook, so start by chopping the veggies into small cubes. I mix them with a hint of soy sauce and add fresh-milled black pepper.

In the meantime, heat a non-stick pan and rub the salmon with a bit of olive oil. Now, the next step depends on how you like your fish: cooked through or more on the rare side. If you like it well-done, just fry the salmon alone for 1 minutes or so on each side before adding the sauces (skin-side faced down, always). I prefer it rare, so I just added the mix of soy sauce, balsamic, honey and chilies in the pan together with the fish. If you have fat, thick filet, keep it for about 2 minutes on each side, but make sure you coat it well in the sauce. And that’s pretty much it, really. Lay the fish on a plate, top it with the chopped veggies and enjoy with noodles. The fish is already quite complex, so keep the noodles simple: a splash of soy sauce, hot sauce and some green onion is all you need.

Even though the entire house (building) smells like fish after making this, I persevere. I let you know if one of my neighbors knocks on the door to ask for the recipe. Or when they call the fire department…one or the other.

2 thoughts on “Do you salmon much? No, I have no idea how to cook it!

  1. nisrinesmoods

    Love it! I will definitely try this (as I am a BIG salmon fan)
    By the way, we’ve started a 2 months trial of eating EXCLUSIVELY healthy food, so I am following eagerly your recipes πŸ™‚


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