Just in case you thought chicken breast is drab…

Pulled chicken lunchSpicy grilled chicken

Chicken breast with salad: the biggest fear of any life-sworn dieter! Yes, diets are wrong, but there’s nothing wrong about chicken breast & salad. Proving the point, the two pictures above. Scroll below and you’ll never think chicken breast is boring, drab and banal.First one? (Not-so) pulled chicken. The easiest dish you could have dreamed about. Take two chicken breasts, marinate, cover and stick in the oven, on low heat. Forget about them for ~2 hours. Check, add some more marinade if needed, turn and forget about them for another 2 hours. What did I put in the marinade?  Tomato juice, some honey, two splashes of soy sauce, 2, 3,…6 crushed garlic cloves and smoked paprika. Next to it, half a baked potato with cream cheese and an avocado-ruccola salad with cherry tomatoes. Perfect lunch for a cold day.

Second one? Another time-saver recipe (well, not really a recipe). Chicken breast cut in pieces, marinated in olive oil and chili confiture, with salt & pepper. If you don’t have chili confiture, just add crushed pilli-pilli and a biiit of honey. Hop them on the hot hot hot grill and keep them there for about 2 minutes each side. We ate these with a refreshing tzatziki (yogurt, grated garlic & cucumber, a wizz of lemon, salt & pepper) and a salad. Next day? chicken leftovers and a green salad with cheese. No tzatziki because…a ton of garlic.

As I told you before, I think chicken breast is the biggest savior for time-pressed people who still wanna get a good meal. There’s soooo much you can do with it! A ton of different marinades & dry rubs, so many cooking techniques to play with, a lot of nice stews…it’s overwhelming! And if all fails, you can always wrap it in bacon.

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