Bifanas forever


I like fancy restaurants just as much as the next person, but what I really love is authentic, delicious, street-food. So forget about the elaborate dishes and let’s enjoy a hearty workers’ lunch. Trust me, after this, you’ll need nothing more. Read More

On nutrition

Screenshot at 2016-03-06 21:53:56Image from South Park Studio

Human nutrition is such a complex topic and I’m not even gonna pretend to be a big expert. Yes, I have taken several nutrition classes, I’m devouring any book on this matter, I research articles about this vast topic (scientific articles, guys, not the buzz-feed type) and the more I learn, the more I’m hungry for more. I am deeply passionate about food, the way people eat and the improvements we can make in this area. Because I’m food-obsessed, I always combine the more scientific view on nutrition with good, well-grounded cooking tips because food should be about pleasure and joy!

There will be much exploration on this topic here, but for now, I would like to summarize my personal views in six easy-to-grasp points. Read More

Thai red curry



I was in my mid-twenties when I first had Thai curry…at a rather shady Thai joint in Gent, where I was living at that time. Something-Somethig Elephant, totally anonymus and unimpressive. Almost empty, very cold, dim light, Budhas everywhere. Yet, I was blown-away by their curry. This velvety sweetish-spicy-coconuty thing went from my stomach straight to my heart. For a while, I thought this sorcery cannot be reacreated at home and oh my!, how wrong I was! Making your own Thai curry (or Thai-inspired curry) is easy. No, actually it’s extremely easy. The most difficult step is deciding whether you wanna go for green, red or yellow, always a big discussion at my house.
So here it goes, red pork Thai curry (it was my man’s time to decide, I prefer the green one) Read More

Liver delight


I have decided to start the “Organs series” with something that even the most squeamish of you have probably eaten and enjoyed, one way or another. Baby steps, baby steps… So let’s talk about LIVER. Growing up, liver was a seldom treat, because when you hack an animal, there’s only one liver to grab…luckily, I am an only child and the liver came to me, most of the times. Later on, my mom stared making liver paté and that was one of my favorite things as a kid. Now, my mom is not a great cook, but liver paté…she nailed it every single time! Will ask her the secret recipe and promise to share with you.

What do you need to know before attacking this luscious, slippery thing? Liver needs to be fresh (well, like most things, but even more so) and you have to soak it in milk, ideally over night. The most common livers (!?!) are veal, beef, pork and chicken, but not all livers (OK, have decided this is an acceptable plural) are created equal. Read More

WFH- @lunch


I love working from home! Not only I can work in my pj’s but also THIS: buttery omelette with fresh herbs, tomato & onion salad with basil and a small glass of wine. 15 minutes nap mandatory after this feast and a big coffee once awake.

The hot (office) lunch


This is truly the essence of a “left-over lunch”. Quickly assembled in morning, as follows: pork snitzel, baked potatoes with home-made basil pesto, feta cheese and a small salad. Energy giving, heart-warming and fully satisfying!